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Connectedness Through Nature

Did you know time and nature can improve your physical, emotional, and mental well-being? The link between health and connectedness to nature includes better attention spans, lower stress, and reduced risk for psychiatric disorders. Access to recreational activities occurs in green spaces and blue spaces. Those who participate in outdoor recreational activities also have lower levels of stress, better conflict resolution skills, and improved anger management skills.  


Green Spaces consist of parks, trails, and sports fields. Marine Corps Community Services has recreation and equipment services available on Marine Corps installations for green space activities, such as mountain bikes, camping gear, and sports equipment. 


Blue spaces are outdoor spaces with bodies of water, such as lakes, oceans, rivers, and outdoor pools. Blue spaces have a calming effect on the mind; it is why people say the ocean speaks to us and people feel a connection with the water. Marine Corps Community Services offers recreational equipment and services that vary at the installation based on the environment. Some of the items you can check out or rent include watercraft, surfboards, paddle boards, and in some places, snorkeling equipment.  


Other recreational services supporting connectedness with nature include campgrounds, ropes challenge courses, golf courses, fishing excursions, marines, and paintball parks.  


Please contact your local Marine Corps Community Services Recreation and Fitness Programs for more information about available recreation options.  

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