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Fitness During Pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy can help improve cardiovascular fitness, decrease the risk of adverse events such as gestational diabetes, decrease low back pain, improve sleep, and improve psychological well-being.

When pregnant, it is important to clear all exercises with your medical care provider. While exercising during pregnancy has benefits, you may need to adjust your routine based on your trimester. Setting up a fitness routine when expecting may require a team approach from your medical care provider, trainer, and yourself.  


Here are some things to remember when exercising during pregnancy:

  • Exercise & training is encouraged and safe during a healthy pregnancy. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists recommends exercise during pregnancy. One hundred and fifty minutes of moderate-intensity per week.
  • When the appropriate training guidelines are followed and cleared by your medical care provider, resistance training can help reduce the amount of self-reported pain and discomfort in those who trained regularly throughout their pregnancy.
  • Check with your medical care provider prior to running while pregnant, even though running is generally safe throughout pregnancy.
  • Some core or abdominal exercises are not appropriate, but exercises such as deep breathing target the core and pelvic floor, which are safe. Consult with your medical care provider and trainer prior to any physical training during pregnancy.


Pregnancy Military Resources


The Semper Fit Health Promotion program is located in the main fitness center aboard each Marine Corps installation. Class schedules and program events are posted on each installation’s website. To find out more information about the health promotion activities and services offered near you, contact your local health promotion program via the information below.

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